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About Us


The way we carry out our main mission,  is as important as the task itself.  Core values that will lead us to success  include:

Employees: is the source of our strength. Our aim is to improve their ability to recognize opportunities.
Our principle is to enable their participation for a teamwork in each area.

Products and Services: are the result of the effort we do. Once our products and services are accepted by our customers, our value will increase.

Our earnings: our products or services is an indicator of our efforts in  meeting the customers’ expectations. To improve our products and services is our goal to obtain a benefit in order to provide the necessary resources .

Our corporate identity, Impressions of our valued Customers  will be enough to draw a portrait of Efba.
- Empathy
- Combinaton of the knowledge and experience
- Customer-oriented planning
- Work-sharing with the customer from the phase of the design to the implementation
- Total Quality Management, in-house R & D facilities and Automation System
- Quality and continuous innovation
- Eye-catching products
- Integrated Flexible Manufacturing Systems
- Meeting the demand on time
- Spare Parts support for after-sales services
- O.E.M products for well-known brands In different countries,
- International Quality & Safety Certificates
- In Efba, sharing ideas is always valuable.

Efba will be happy to be your partner, as well ...